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Why JustOrbit?

While planning a trip a traveller seeks answers to various queries that rises in their mind. The list of questions varies from selection of destinations, things to do in those places, creating a feasible itinerary, sharing as well as discussing it with other co-travellers and last but not the least bookings for the trip. This whole tedious process is called the Travel Planning.

For travel planning a traveller has to surf through thousands of websites to plan their vacation and create a perfect travel itinerary. Even after the trip is planned, the traveller has to discuss the trip with the co-travellers via email or phone. Once the trip is finalized after discussion, they again have to visit multiple websites to make their bookings for air tickets or hotels.

JustOrbit is a unique travel planning platform that offers an easy solution to every step of travel planning, starting from creating an itinerary to bookings. The traveller can search the destinations, read about the places they need to visit and things to do in those cities as well adding them to their travel basket. The customized itinerary can also be viewed in the form of a travel map which makes them analyze whether the trip planned follows a logical travel route or not. JustOrbit also provides a feature that allows co-travellers to discuss their trip by making amendments, suggesting changes and commenting upon the trips created by the other travellers in the group.

At JustOrbit, one can find a 360 degree solution for trip. The main aim is to make travel planning as easy as possible for their users which is surely being done by our user friendly design and features. JustOrbit, a perfect trip planner for your upcoming vacation. Happy Planning!