See the famous ancient Roman Town of Timgad near Batna

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Timgad, also going by the names of Tamugadi and Thamugas ; used to be a magnificent example of Roman town planning located near the Aures Mountains. This town was founded and built by one of the greatest Roman Emperors, Trajan. He built the city of Timgad to commemorate his parents and his eldest sister. This was a peaceful and beautiful Roman settlement guarding the lands against the Berber invaders of the desert. It also saw one of the fastest adaptations of Christianity in the 3th century. It was sacked by an army of Vandals and later by Berbers. Timgad is one the best examples of Roman town planning in the style of grids. Sights to see here are the Corinthian colonnade, the forum or city center, the Trajan’s Arch or Triumph arch which is 12 meters in height, and an amphitheater that could seat nearly 4000 people. Other notable things to see here are the library, the basilica, and the series of thermae, the Capitoline Temple and a citadel that was built in the Byzantine period. Timgad is at a distance of 35 km from Batna and is approachable only by car. This is a UNESCO heritage sight and is the most important attraction near Batna. Take the road called Rue des Frères Debabi.

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