See the ruins of Roman town at Lambaesis near Batna

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It is said that Lambaesis was built by the Legio III or Third Legion, also popularly and commonly called Legio III Augusta. It was built between the ancient years of 123 AD and 129 AD. There are many attractions to see among these sublime ruins like the remains of an amphitheater where Romans used to have gladiatorial fights and also served a theater, two Triumph Arches to Septimus Severus and to Emperor Commodus, old cemeteries, a grand temple to Aesculapius and other temples to the principal Roman Gods like Jupiter, Juno and Minerva. The combined temples of the Gods were at the Capitol, which is a glorious monument. Lambaesis is situated at a distance of 27 miles from Timgad and just near the village of Tazoult. It is only approachable by car and the distance from Batna is 10 km. The road you should take is the Allees Med Boudiaf.

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