Enjoy a day trip to Dendera and Abydos

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Take a day to visit Dendera temple which is dedicated to goddess Hathor- the cow-headed woman- known as the Goddess of Love. Continue to Abydos where you will visit the temple of king Seti I. This temple dates back to 125 BC and it is quiet unique because of the fact that the roof is still intact and visitors can admire the beautiful ceiling depicting the hours of the day and night as well as the traveling journey of the sun, the moon and the stars across the sky.

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One of its ceilings is decorated with a plaster cast of the signs of the zodiac. Not only that but this temple has the only relief which represents Queen Cleopatra and her son Caesarian. Abydos was the head of god Osiris- the god of the underworld and part of his body was buried there according to the legend of ancient Egyptians. In Abydos one can visit the famous temple of king Seti I – the founder of Abydos temple which was completed by his son king Ramses II. The beauty of this temple almost feels like an apology and dedication to the following gods: Osiris, isis, Horus, Amun Ra, Mut and Khonsu."

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