Offer prayer at The Golden Temple and take a dip at the holy Sarovar

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Built in the 16th century this temple is a religious place for the Sikhs and for the people coming here from different religions and communities.

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The Golden Temple is also known as the Harmandir Sahib. This is a major attraction of the city and has four doors that symbolize the openness of the Sikhs towards all the people and religion.

Surrounded by a large lake known as Sarovar this is a must visit for all the tourists.
- Take a dip in this holy lake and also worship in this peaceful and beautiful shrine.

Don’t miss the Guru-Ka-Langar
- You just cannot afford to miss out the Guru ka Langar that is offered twice a day on all 365 days of the year. This Langar was started by Guru Nanak and since then it serves the community by welcoming individuals from every community and religion and establishing the ideals of equality amongst all. It is served at the Golden Temple itself which draws many tourists and devotees. "

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