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Travel Guide of Iran

Iran has always inspired awe and a sense of mystery in the heart of the people. Known before as Persia, it was the cradle of culture and civilization of the medieval age which makes Iran rich in cultural diversity and heritages with historical grandeur and imposing edifice. Located in the south west Asia and flanked by Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Pakistan, this country gives an opportunity to you to explore the majestic ancient Persepolis, to bask in the beaches of the Caspian Sea, to walk around the streets of Tehran and discover the local markets which are suffused with local and cultural handicrafts and quintessential items. You can avail of our expert travel planning services for visiting this beautiful nation. Nearly one third of Iran is covered in desert which gives a melancholic streak to the environment especially under the starlight sky. Recommendations about accommodation and hotels are provided by us, along with advice and reviews of the important places to visit and to partake in various activities such as skiing, hiking and other outdoor activities.

Famous Cities of Iran

Popular Tourist Attractions Of Iran

Arg-e Bam, Bam
Arg-e Bam

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Bazaar, Bandar Abbas

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Ablutions Fountain, Esfahan
Ablutions Fountain

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Ali Qapu Palace, Esfahan
Ali Qapu Palace

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Traveling Information for Iran

Planning a tour to Iran? Following are few basic travel information of Iran that one should know before packing the bags:








Persian, Kurdish


230 V, 50 Hz


66 Million


1648195  sqm

Electrical Plugs and Sockets used in Iran

Electrical Plugs and Sockets used in Iran
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