Edge of the world in Riyadh

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Edge of the world is the best place to visit if you are in Riyadh and definitely worth a visit. It is the most popular desert treks available from Riyadh. This place is perfect for a day trip and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and amazing views. There are numerous spectacular viewing spots on the Tuwaiq escarpment which runs through the central Saudi-Arabia plateau about 700 kilometre. The escarpment has long edges which reach outward to the plateau creating an endless view from there. This location takes about one and a half hour to reach from Riyadh.

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The place is full of soft sand, loose gravels and rocky roads. Leave early for this trip so that you get enough time to explore the place and get back home before sunset. You can climb and walk to reach the edge, don’t forget to apply sunscreen and take a hat and a water bottle. You can park your car and start climbing the cliff towards the edge or down to the plains. Enjoy the breath taking view as you climb up the cliff and feel like being on ‘the edge of the world’ once you reach up. After reaching the cliff continue walking right a few metres, there is a steep climb down and a narrow path which leads to the last cliff which has mesmerizing views.

You can spot different birds flying over like eagles and sparrows with their nests in the walls. You can also find fossils as the escarpment is rich in fossils as it was once the bottom of the ocean a million years ago. In the valley you can see dried river into the distance and get full in the rains. In Spring Time, some areas in the plain become green, an opening like a window in the escarpment leads to the plain below. You can see camels and goats and the locals putting campfire under the acacia tree. The valley is an ideal place for camping as it has soft sand all over the place. While coming down you can spot the cars parked and the all the tracks to the exit lead to the acacia valley to the back gate. Make sure to leave early as the rangers close the gate at 6 pm, once you are stuck you will be stuck for the night. Plan a trip when the temperature is cool or warm, during the winter or fall when the skies are clear.

Address: Edge of the World, Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia"

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