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Rawdhat Khuraim is an Oasis in the Riyadh desert in Saudi Arabia. These are beautiful desert gardens which are located in the middle of the desert about a 100 kilometre outside Riyadh. Rawdhat Khuraim is also called as The King’s Forest. The place is like a green oasis which appears in the middle of the desert. You will be surprised to find numerous trees, flowers, bushes and birds when you visit. The place is also called as King’s Forest as a huge part of it is closed for the tourist and is a part of the King’s private farm. It is easy to reach from Riyadh and you can drive and reach easily. You can hear birds chirping and the sounds of wind blowing through the leaves. This is a perfect place for a picnic spot, you can take a stroll through the bushes and explore the flora and fauna of the desert.

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The area is easily accessible by foot. The area is clean and trash free, where you can take a stroll, watch birds and wildlife or plan a picnic, the women can get rid of the Abaya for some time and feel free. Further from the park you can walk into the green and quiet area. The vegetation is green around the year and different species of plants are to be found. It’s a paradise for bird watchers to watch the migratory birds. The best time to visit this place is during winters and spring time when the garden blooms to the fullest. After rains small lakes and streams are formed by filling of the rainwater. Plan a trip and come to Rawdhat Khuriam and enjoy the beauty of nature. Make sure to leave the park before 22:00 hours as the ranger close the gate by this time.

How to reach: Take the Dammam highway from Riyadh towards Rumah. After say 40kms, turn left towards Rumah. Then, you must drive another 55kms and you would see signs for Rawdhat Kuraim on your right. You must follow these signs and then spotting the gardens from the highway ahead is going to be easy. Drive toward the gardens and then turn left or right off the road for entering the area. If you continuously drive straight on this road, it would lead to gates of the farm of kings as well as preservation area which is closed for public, to the left, you would see Dahna sand dunes. Now, you must drive close to the pole fence and park car. Continue on foot for reaching the best areas. There are majority of locals who don’t even bother walking beyond fences. So, it might be very crowded around the fence. You must not be discouraged by the crowd. You must walk just few mins from the fence and you would find several people around. If you want some quite places, you must drive right from the road around the backside of the area besides the fence. The forest is very huge and you can easily drive for around half an hour along the fence. Alternatively, one can even go left of the road near the sand dunes. However, since the place is very crowded, reaching there is quite easy. Take a normal car to drive here."

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