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The Secret Lake is considered to be a hidden gem just outside Riyadh in the desert. This lake is located in the desert oasis. The lake is full of water and is quite deep, you can find fishes and sea weeds in it. You will be surprised to by the tranquil and the lush greens in the midst of a deserted landscape. This lake usually fills up in the rains after a heavy rainfall and can be found till winters and early summers. The surrounding of the lake is so dry and arid that the rain water is all soaked up by the hill into the valley forming lakes like these after travelling to the lower grounds.

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The lake is always full in springs and you can find beautiful flowers blooming all around and lush green meadow everywhere giving your eyes a pleasant sight. You can see tall reeds growing at the end of the lake in the large green willows. This is a perfect picnic spot to come along with family and children. You can hear the wind blowing softly through the weeds and the area is so calm, you can relax and enjoy peacefully. After lying around the lake you can climb up the hill to get a spectacular view of the lake. Do not forget to carry your camera to capture the amazing views. Enjoy the amazing sunset from the hill giving out different colours like golden and pink to the valley. You can find fossils as this area is rich in fossils. This is a highly recommended place for picnics and trips."

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