Quad Biking at Thumamah

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Quad Biking is one of the most popular outdoor activity for the locals and tourists in the deserts of Riyadh. Thumamah sand dunes are located just outside Riyadh, towards Janadriyah festival area and is a popular for renting quad. The area stretches from over 20 kilometre next to the highway which is lined with quad bike rental places. Four wheelers, quads, sand buggies you can call then whatever you want, you can drive and have a blast. The women can also drive and enjoy this outdoor activity equally.

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The rental helps are helpful enough to help you choose the best possible bikes and tell you how it functions. They are helpful enough to help the women who are stuck and need help. You can choose a bike with gears or an automatic one, there are small bikes available for the children. Pick a bike and climb up the steep hill and venture out to the dunes. Bash out into the soft sand but be careful and drive fast as driving slow may make you stuck. The women can get rid of the Abaya as it is dangerous while driving. The best time to come is during the day time, it is a bit crowded on weekends and is better to have a male company along with you.

Charges: Prices will vary according to bike size from 100-300 SAR an hour.

How to reach: It is just an hours’ drive from the city of Riyadh."

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