Take a stroll in the Red Sands Flower Fields

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Red Sand Flower Fields is a must visit place if you are in Riyadh for a breath-taking experience. This area is located in the village west of Riyadh. The place is filled with beautiful sand dunes in a valley. You can reach this place by road, where you will enter the valley through rocky foundation. The picturesque valley is surrounded by beautiful red sand dunes all over. When you reach this place you can see flowers blooming all over the place which will refresh your mind immediately. You can see flowers and lush green grass coming out from the sand and rocks.

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You can find different species of flowers after going ahead in the plethora valley. You can find locals rendering goats in packs and small farms. The camels can be spotted on the dunes coming back. The children also love this area as this is wide open and mesmerize them with the different colours available there. The kids can jump, run, crawl and dig into the sand dunes and enjoy their day. There are flowers which grow according to the weather. The winds are quite strong and the place can get windy any time, especially on the higher areas. Some areas of the dunes are wet which means the underground water reserves are full. The area is fenced with barbwire and has more sand dunes on the other side which has a narrow road to pass.

How to reach: From the Mecca Highway west, take the Diplomatic quarter and then pass through that large checkpoint wherein you have to continue down the escarpment. Then, after that pass exit Dirab and after some kms, you would reach Muzahmiyah, wherein there is a lake Kharrarah. Still when you continue Mecca highway, you would reach a town named Jauw. Shortly after that, there will be a huge farm on the right hand side of the road named Aziziyah fark. After the wall of the farm ends, there would be a tarmac road which starts next to right. Turn this road and then continue straight. There would be some large rock faces in front. Drive past these and then the curved road would be seen to the left. Soon, there would be another huge farm with a mile long wall on the right hand side. Continue to drive till you see sign for village which turns left. Go on the road with dirt tracks and drive past few farks. Now, you are in the valley and on your right you will find red sand dunes. Majority of flowers are on your right and if you drive left, you will find some nice trees."

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