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The best place to experience the rainforest environment is Singapore’s zoo. This spectacular zoo is a home to nearly 2800 animals from over 315 species of mammals, birds and reptiles. Singapore Zoo is famous for providing endless options of animal presentations and wildlife photography. This park is also the home to the world’s first free-ranging orangutan habitat in a zoo. This zoo also features various events, feeding sessions, rides, dining with animals, night safari, river safari and many more exciting things.

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The various exhibits of this zoo include:
White Tiger
Elephants of Asia
Proboscis Monkey
Free-Ranging Orang Utan
Pygmy Hippo
Sun Bear
Sungei Buaya
Naked Mole Rat

The zoo is divided into some zones for exhibiting various kinds of wildlife. The different zones are:

Frozen Tundra- This zone is designed to resemble the arctic habitat having a cool temperature with an ice cave, waterfall and a large pool filled with huge ice blocks.

Wild Africa- This place is famous for its African wildlife and animals, including White Rhinoceros, Cheetah, African Wild Dog, Zebra, Giraffe , African Lion and Meerkat.

Fragile Forest- This zone takes the visitors through the rainforest wildlife. It accommodates various kinds of invertebrates, Madagascan cockroaches, rhinoceros beetles and a variety of frogs and toads.

Australian Outback- This zone is the interpretation of Australia’s rich wildlife and a home to the rich and unique wildlife of Australia that include Gray kangaroos, Bearded Dragon, Frill necked lizard, carpet python, wallabies and emus.

Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia-Visitors can experience the environment of the Great Rift Valley as the whole landscape is designed with resemblance to the majestic mountains, rugged terrain and waterfalls of the Great Rift Valley in Ethiopia.

Treetops Trail- The Treetops Trail has a typical rainforest environment with a variety of plants & trees, a cascading waterfall and a jungle pond.

Gibbon Island- This zone is popular for its vocalists extraordinaires. The visitors can listen to the cacophony of cries, in response to pre-recorded calls during the token feeding session.

Primate Kingdom- This zone is called a Primate Kingdom because here every Primate species have their own particular island with long wild grasses, trees and bamboo.

Reptile Garden- The Reptile Garden houses a collection of cold blooded species of reptiles which includes Komodo Dragon, Rhino Iguauna, Aldabra Giant Tortoise, False Gavial and Snake House.

Critters Longhouse- The Critters Longhouse is a cozy habitat created for small mammals like Goeldi’s Monkey, Spotted Mousedeer and Malayan Porcupine.

Tropical Crops & Orchid Garden- Visitors can witness a wide variety of flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs. This place provides a great scope for nature photography.

Timings: 8.30am to 6.00pm daily
(Last ticket sale at 5.30pm)

Ticket Type Adult Price(S$) Child Price(S$)
Park Hopper 4-in-1
Bird Park,
Night Safari,
River Safari+Zoo
97.85 61.75
Park Hopper 3-in-1,
Bird Park,
Night Safari,
River Safari
76.00 48.45
Park Hopper 3-in-1,
Bird Park,
Night Safari,
83.60 53.20
Park Hopper 3-in-1
Bird Park ,
River Safari,
70.30 44.65
Park Hopper 3-in-1, Night Safari,
River Safari,
78.85 50.35
Park Hopper 2-in-1,
Bird Park,
Night Safari
57.95 37.05
Park Hopper 2-in-1,
Bird Park,
River Safari
44.65 28.50
Park Hopper 2-in-1,
Bird Park + Zoo
52.25 33.25
Park Hopper 2-in-1, Night Safari,
River Safari
53.20 34.20
Park Hopper 2-in-1,
Night Safari + Zoo
60.80 38.95
Park Hopper 2-in-1,
River Safari + Zoo
47.50 30.40
Zoo Admission Ticket Only 26.60 17.10
Zoo Admission with Tram 31.60 20.10

Location: 80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826.

How to reach: The nearest station is S'pore Zoological Gdns which is just half a minute walk away from the zoo.
Bus nos. 138 and 927 also lead to the zoo.

Contact no: (65) 6269 3411


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