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The Tekeli Mehmet Paşa Mosque is a mosque that takes its name from Lala Mehmed Pasa. It was built in the 18th century in the Kalekapisi district and it is one of the most important Ottoman mosques in the city. The key highlight of the mosque is its main dome, which rises on a high rim, is supported by three semi domes, one each in the east, west, and south directions, as well as three domes on the northern side. There are tiled panels decorated with Koranic verses in taliq script on the pointed arch-formed lunettes of the windows on the northern façade of the mosque and inside it. In addition to the architectural details being inadequate for dating the building, the present building’s modifications of one that already exited on the site cannot be verified conclusively.

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Address: Tuzcular, 07100 Antalya, Turkey"

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