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Travel Guide of Germany

Germany with its historical past and its modern multiethnic culture gives a wide array of opportunity to relieve both the past and the present. Bordered by the Czech Republic, Poland and Denmark and boasting of museums and as many as 27 UNESCO world heritage sites, Germany provides ample opportunities to quench the artistic thirst of a person and marvel someone with the breathtaking vistas and landscapes. JustOrbit provides you with a review of different places specially the sites to be visited within an affordable budget. The Bavarian Alps is superbly charming, while the cities like Frankfurt, Berlin and Cologne have special attractions of their own too. JustOrbit also keeps you informed about the climatic conditions so that you can pack the right kind of clothes for mountain hiking, trekking, and other sporting activities, or just relax in the sandy beaches of the coast and lake shores. So pack your bags to get yourself prepared for a wonderful vacation that will forever remain etched in your memory for a long time to come.

Famous Cities of Germany

Popular Tourist Attractions Of Germany

Olympiastadion, Berlin

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Fernsehturm, Berlin

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Caf, Berlin

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Hitler's Bunker, Berlin
Hitler's Bunker

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Experiences of Germany

Drench in the memorial of the past at Brandenburg Gate
Celebrate the legendary Oktoberfest
Have a pint of refreshing German beer
Understand Jewish history and culture of Berlin at the Berlin Wall

Traveling Information for Germany

Planning a tour to Germany? Following are few basic travel information of Germany that one should know before packing the bags:










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357022  sqm

Electrical Plugs and Sockets used in Germany

Electrical Plugs and Sockets used in Germany Electrical Plugs and Sockets used in Germany

Popular Trips of Germany


Magnificent Europe
Cities Covered

Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris, Luzern, Zurich, Geneva, Arezzo, Padova

Starting from

USD 2841


Enchanting East Europe
Cities Covered

Berlin, Prague, Salzburg, Vienna, Budapest

Starting from

USD 2118


Eastern Highlights
Cities Covered

Munich (Muenchen), Prague, Krakow, Budapest, Ljubljana, Vienna

Starting from

USD 1020


Cultural Discovery Tour
Cities Covered

Berlin, Krakow, Prague, Cesky Krumlov, Vienna, Budapest, Bled, Venice

Starting from

USD 1823


Cities of Europe
Cities Covered

Munich (Muenchen), Paris, London, Rome, Florence, Venice, Amsterdam

Starting from

USD 2464


Highlights of Germany
Cities Covered

Berlin, Hamburg, Koeln, Munich (Muenchen)

Starting from

USD 1980


Scenic Europe
Cities Covered

Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, Paris

Starting from

USD 1373

Travelers Review for Germany

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Jutta Your personal guide

Warehouse district - SPEICHERSTADT HAMBURG

Reviewed 14 April 2014
Hamburg is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. This is my opinion! If you come to Hamburg you MUST visit the warehouse district which was inaugurated in 1888. Suffered from very bad damages during WWII but has been restored. See all these old brick warehouses. It still is the biggest warehouse for oriental carpets in the world after Teheran. Until 2003 spices, coffee, cacao and a lot of other goods where stored in some of the 19 buildings. After the arrival of the first container ship in 1968 most of the goods were stored in containers in the new Port of Hamburg. Today you may find museums such as the Spicys ( and Speicherstadtmuseum ( and of course the Miniaturwunderland () in this area. The complete district together with Chilehouse of the famous Kontorhausviertel has been announced to UNESCO world heritage. If you wish to have more information ask for a personal tour guide in Hamburg:

Cleanliness :
Local Transport :
Language :
Tourist Friendliness :
Food :
Entertainment :
Night Life :
Culture and Tradition :

Jutta recommends shopping in Germany, bargain in local market
Tip: Discover the "Neustadt of Hamburg with lovely little shops and specialities, Mönckebergstrasse as the most frequented shopping street, Mellinpassage as the eldest shopping centre in Hamburg (1843), Neuer Wall - the most exclusive shopping street of Hambur
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