Get lost in the landscapes of The Burren

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Located at Clare, The Burren is a huge, stark limestone landscape in the west of Ireland. It is about 25 miles to the north of the Shannon Airport. The landscape has over 700 varieties of flowering plants and some of the plants also bloom in the mid-winter! This landscape is every photographers dream. You can call it Ireland’s Brigadoon as you can see small homes and cottages with families farming on this “fertile rock”. Ireland’s 5000 year old history can be seen through the evidences as it has remains of ring forts that surround the landscape and remains of the ruined pre historic tombs with ancient roads and walls along with monasteries.

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This is quite a dramatic landscape with all the historic remains with is surely a timeless beauty. The landscape is very fragile as it appears and the beautiful flowers might tempt you to pick some or you might want to build a miniature out of the loose rocks, but you are not allowed to do so, as the authority is preserving the delicate landscape to preserve its beauty and history. “Take only pictures, leave only footprints” is the important hiker’s rule which is to be followed when you are at Burren. Even moving a small rock might be considered as an illegal act. The facilities provided here are hotels, or other lodgings like historic homes, farmhouses and breakfast places.

How to reach: You can reach this place by car by driving the N18 highway from Adrahan which is one of the shortest routes. This is an ideal and highly recommended sightseeing spot for all the tourists."

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