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Travel Guide of Daugavpils

A unique Daugavpils trip planner. Daugavpils is an important city of Latvia. This city is home to many famous tourist attractions such as Sveto Moceklu Borisa un Gleba Pareizticigo katedrale, Pestisanas Armija Latvija, Daugavpils Korpuss, Daugavpils Jaunbuves Pirma Vecticibnieku Draudze, Daugavpils Baptistu Draudze, Daugavpils Ebreju Kopiena, Dieva Deriba Evangeliski Kristiga Draudze, Pedejo Dienu Sv. Jezus Kristus baznica, Daugavpils Mala Makslas centrs, Jaunavas Marijas (Dievmates) Bezvainigas Ien emsanas Romas Katolu Baznicas Daugavpils Draudze, Daugavpils Sv. Petera Romas Katolu baznica and lots more. It is a city which required 3 to 4 Days to visit. One can enjoy a comfortable stay in Daugavpils which has a huge variety of hotels. While planning a vacation to Latvia one can surely include Daugavpils city in their travel itinerary. On this page, create your virtual travel plan of Latvia including Daugavpils city and other neighbouring cities. Find the travelling distance between Daugavpils and other city, time taken to travel and authentic travel reviews by other travellers. Daugavpils travel planning made easy with JustOrbit. Plan your trip to Daugavpils by selecting the perfect places to see, tourist attractions to visit, things to do and hotels in the city. Daugavpils trip planner for everyone.

Daugavpils is famous for & as:

Museums, Shopping

Hotels in Daugavpils

Vilnis, Daugavpils

from USD 58.35

White Parrot Apartments, Daugavpils
White Parrot Apartments

from USD 58.35

Stadiona Street Apartment, Daugavpils
Stadiona Street Apartment

from USD 30.34

Paradize, Daugavpils

from USD 29.17

view all hotels

Quick facts about Daugavpils

Days Required


Budget per night

USD None

2oC Max     ---oC Min

35.6oF Max     oF Min



Electrical Plugs and Sockets used in Daugavpils

Electrical Plugs and Sockets used in Daugavpils Electrical Plugs and Sockets used in Daugavpils

Tourist cities near Daugavpils

Many cities are accessible from Daugavpils. We have selected the most popular tourist cities that you can visit after Daugavpils. Based on number of days in hand for vacation these cities have been listed and can be added to your travel itinerary by selecting "Add to Trip" displayed on the right of each city name.

Upto 7 days
Upto 14 days
(208 Kms)
20% of visitors coming to Latvia visit this City
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14+ days
(1858 Kms)
88% of visitors coming to Italy visit this City
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(1810 Kms)
99% of visitors coming to France visit this City
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(1814 Kms)
99% of visitors coming to United Kingdom visit this City
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