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Travel Guide of Russia

If someone needs to experience diversity in its truest and most glorified form, he/she needs to visit Russia. That, in fact, sums up everything that can be said about the country. From the ice cold Tundra to the captivating beaches, from the urban sprawl of Moscow to the centuries old civilization of St Petersburg, Russia is a traveler’s paradise and a photographer’s delight. If you are thinking of planning a trip to Russia, JustOrbit can help you by supplying awesome and reliable travel opinions and travel advice. With our detailed suggestions and recommendations that include directions, places to visit and what clothes to pack in case of tough weather conditions, your trip to the Soviet nation will remain truly memorable when you look back over time in the future.

Famous Cities of Russia

Popular Tourist Attractions Of Russia

The Kremlin, Moscow
The Kremlin

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Red Square, Moscow
Red Square

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Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow
Bolshoi Theatre

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Novodevichy Convent, Moscow
Novodevichy Convent

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Traveling Information for Russia

Planning a tour to Russia? Following are few basic travel information of Russia that one should know before packing the bags:








Yakut, Mansi, Moksha, Chechen


220 V, 50 Hz


140 Million


17098242  sqm

Electrical Plugs and Sockets used in Russia

Electrical Plugs and Sockets used in Russia Electrical Plugs and Sockets used in Russia

Popular Trips of Russia


Classic Russia Tour
Cities Covered

Moscow, Saint Petersburg

Starting from

USD 1041


Russian Golden Ring
Cities Covered

Moscow, Suzdal', Yaroslavl, Saint Petersburg

Starting from

USD 2474


Russian Delights With Sharjah
Cities Covered

Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Sharjah

Starting from

USD 1220


Scenic Scandinavia with Russia
Cities Covered

Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, Bergen, Copenhagen

Starting from

USD 4176

Travelers Review for Russia


Be careful in Russia!!!

Reviewed 28 February 2013
You may read so nice things about Russia all in internet... Of course its a very different country with wonderful things to see...

But you may not find the traps you may fall into around any town... Mainly in Moscow there are traps for foreigners especiaaly at main touristic areas like Red Square... Do not pick up any money dropped by someone walking in front of you (or whereever)... These gangs drop a bunch of dollars in a nylon pochette on purpose and when you pick up and try to give it back to the person who dropped you will be trapped by 2-3 persons which they will claim you took a part of it and grab all your money from you. You will say no i didnt touch the money, they will say there was 10.000 usd but now 500 usd missing bla bla then ask from you to show your money and you will get frightenned and show your money.. they will take it and even they will say lets go to police !!!

Do not change any foreign currency from anyone around the change kiosks... Only change money from the offical change kiosks.. When you approach to a kiosk to change money but if it is closed these these gangs will immediately appear and offer you to change your money... They are perfectly talented with hand tricks and they can give you half of real value while you think its correct amount!!! Perfect magicians...

You may search for other traps in internet but above 2 are real cases which i lived)))!!! 1st one i managed to save my ass.. 2nd one happened in airport when my hands were full with my bags etc and for 100 usd change instead of 3000 rubles he gave me 2000 rubles looking into my eyes!!! He was perfect)))

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