Santa Clara

Pay tribute to Che Guevara at Mausoleo del Che Guevara

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Che Guevara is a world famous here and is revered for his fearlessness and valor and care for the downtrodden. Love him or hate him, you can’t ignore him at this Mausoleum. This is huge place and it will take 3 hours to see everything. The memorial is small yet impressive. There are carvings and inscriptions that tell of the Battle of Santa Clara. Around the back is the Graveyard of Soldiers where the Eternal Flame burns all the year around. Inside you will find a museum showing the personal artifacts of Che Guevara himself-his pipe, uniform, pictures and camera. Here you will know the life story of the great hero. At the mausoleum, the remains of Che and his companion soldiers who died with him are kept. The atmosphere is somber and one of reverence and is kept dim. Visitors are to leave their belongings at a stand outside. The entrance is free but Americans are not allowed to enter.

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