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Travel Guide of Grenada

After making it to news headlines for the all wrong reasons, Grenada has fought its way back in as one of the most preferred small country destinations for international travelers. Planning a vacation here? January to April is definitely the right time, if you want to avoid the warm, humid conditions. JustOrbit offers all the travel planning support that you need, along with recommendations and reviews of the top tourist hotspots, like Grand Etang Nature Reserve and Belmont Estate, here. Diving and hiking should be at the top of your list if you’re seeking a rush of adrenaline. Hopping from one city to another, preferably St George’s, the capital city, Grenville a comparatively quieter town, to Point Salines, can also be a great way to soak in the environment. Even better, just carry your suntan lotion, an overlarge straw hat and lots of H2O and you’re all set to bask in the sun in any one of the splendid beaches!

Famous Cities of Grenada

Popular Tourist Attractions Of Grenada

Grand Anse, Saint Georges
Grand Anse

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Traveling Information for Grenada

Planning a tour to Grenada? Following are few basic travel information of Grenada that one should know before packing the bags:


Saint Georges









91 Thousand


344  sqm

Electrical Plugs and Sockets used in Grenada

Electrical Plugs and Sockets used in Grenada
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