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SkyJump is New Zealand’s highest jump and only BASE jump by wire. The adventure lovers plummet 192 metres off the Sky Tower at 85 km an hour. Their highly trained jump masters will rope the jumper up and take that person safely up to the edge, until suddenly that person find himself balancing on their tiptoes, leaning out over the streets of Auckland far below. After that there’s nothing to do, but let go and fly.

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It is described as Base Jumping while attached to a wire. It’s just like being a movie stuntman, or a super hero, or a very big bird. It’s quite different from bungee jumping. The person will fall very fast (approx. 85kph) for around 11 seconds, and then come to a smooth landing in Sky City plaza below. If it’s a fine day one might get a round of applause from the crowds enjoying the sun in the plaza.

Timings: 09:30 to 18:00 hours daily

Location: 86 Federal St, Auckland, 1141, New Zealand.

Contact: +64 9-368 1835"

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