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Astha Bali

Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

Reviewed 09 September 2012
Leaning tower of Pisa is beautiful and we enjoyed watching it, we took lots of photographs but it was not worth to go inside the leaning tower..There are number of stairs and those stairs and those staris are quite slippery too..so one have to be carefull and there is no great view from the top...So we were little bit disappointed...

Sunita Trivedi


Reviewed 05 September 2012
Rimini at the eastern part of Italy,beautiful place but the beach is not that great. As it is Adriatic sea ,we did not enjoy the beach .There were seaweeds flotting on the top. Language is a problem majority speaks Only Italian so we had to use sign language.But people are very nice and cooperative. Amusement park and safari is in very reachable distance. Kids loved it. San Marione the smallest country was also reachable by car and it was a beautiful experience to see such a small and beautiful country.The land scape was mindblowing.

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