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Anubha GUPTA

Heaven on Earth

Reviewed 23 October 2012
It's one of the most scenic destinations of the world. Beautiful landscapes, natural lakes, green mountains and brown huts gives an out of the book experience. We cannot imagine such a place exist on earth it is land of dreams.

If you want to enjoy Switzerland go with a free mind, open eyes and get besoted by natural beauty.

- Stay outside the city in apartments and villas
- Enjoy country side
- Use train network extensively and try to ride as many different type of trains as you can
- Enjoy all the glaciers
- Indulge in adventure sports
- Don't forget swiss bell, chocolate and watch.

Smita Sendra
South Africa

The real paradise

Reviewed 27 September 2012
Switzerland should also be called a paradise destination as it gives such a serene feeling which one cannot describe. My experience to Switzerland is memorable. I visited the country in December which was the peak winters and everything was white, covered with snow. I must not fail to appreciate the rail network of Switzerland which made my travel so easy.

I landed in Zurich and straight away took the euro rail to Interlaken. My stay there was for three days and I covered places like Zermatt, Matterhorn, St. Moritz, Jungfroujoch which one can cover in a day each. These peaks are worth going. I also had a chance to visit nearby places & towns which are themselves beautiful and gives a divine feeling.

From Interlaken, my next stay was in Lucerne (North central Switzerland) which provides a variety of guided tours (especially on-foot), cityscape alongside the world-famous Chapel Bridge, Water Tower, Musegg Wall, Mill Bridge and so much more. Do not forget to take the Lake Lucerne boat cruise tour also. You can take days trips to Titlis, Engelberg, Mt. Pilatus, Swiss Transport Museum.

Astha Bali

Switzerland, Jangfrau Interlaken

Reviewed 04 September 2012
Beautiful mountains and most beautiful place to visit in Europe...the best place for hiking people too.....for family whose having small kids...pram is must and would be difficult to go to see every place, but be prepare to push the pram hard on certain places.

Sunita Trivedi

a heaven on earth

Reviewed 04 September 2012
visited Grindelwald in summer by road and it was a visual treat. we had to cross the montains and that wasmind blowing seeing the beautiful glacier so near.

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