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Shilpi Jain

Must visit Tokyo!

Reviewed 11 June 2013
Japan is one of my favorite countries to visit and no visit to Japan can be complete without going to Tokyo. An absolutely wonderful city where you see the best of the developed world along with the traditional Japan- there are some really lovely hidden shrines in the heart of bustling Tokyo that you should not miss.

Here are my top recommendations in Tokyo:
- Shinjuku Gardens- A huge, lush green Japanese garden in the heart of Tokyo, very close to Shinjuku station. Cherry blossoms between April-June can be best seen here apart from the beautiful, manicured gardens.
- Meiji Jingu Shrine- A nice shrine dedicated to Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken. You need to be in a mood to walk a little bit to explore the place.
- Sensoji Shrine- The most visited tourist place in Tokyo. The shrine itself has a lot of visitors and you will walk through a traditional market which is a great place to buy souvenirs. You can also see the famous Pagoda and The Tokyo Sky Tree from here
- Kabuki- Traditional Japanese theatre.

For Shopping, I would recommend Shinjuku area, tons of malls including a 9-floor Kinokunia bookshops if books interest you. This place is also filled with restaurants and cafes. Vegetarian food is not hard to find if you look hard enough. Also, Asakusa is the place to buy any electronic stuff. Overall, Tokyo is an expensive city so plan ahead for the trip :), hotels can be easily booked via Airbnb.

- People in Japan are very very courteous, small things like keeping your voice low and being respectful to your fellow passengers on trains is very important.
- Most of the people in Japan will not be able to speak in English so make sure you keep a Google Translator handy. Having said that, one of the most helpful and courteous people are the Japanese and they will do everything possible to help a stranger so don't hesitate to ask.
- We decided to travel to Kyoto and Osaka including Tokyo and bought a Japan Rail Pass commonly known as JR pass. This will allow you to travel on local transport easily while intercity transport via bullet trains can be enjoyed using this pass. The JR pass needs to be purchased before landing in Japan and can be done online about a week or two before you plan to travel.

Tokyo is place where you see the traditional behind the modern and I do hope you get a chance to visit soon!

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Shilpi recommends shopping in Tokyo, bargain in local market

Raj Narang Narang

Just like any other developed city

Reviewed 19 November 2012
I visited Tokyo for a medical exhibition at the the Big Sight. Thought the city was very nice but I would say it is just like any other developed city with some difference. I felt the traditional Japan when we visited the Sensoji temple complex and Takeshita Dori. The Sensoji temple complex is the area where one would get the feeling of traditional market, architecture and culture. Outside this complex lies lots of small shops where your can buy souvenirs for your friends & family. Where as Takeshita Dori is a very lively area with good shops and restaurants.

The Big Sight, the fair ground is also unique in its structure. Even if you are not visiting Tokyo for an exhibition you should still visit to experience the structure.

I felt that the language was a big problem, it was hard to communicate with local people and specially if you are a vegetarian then it is a big issue.

- Do not talk on phone while travelling in local transport, it is considered to be bad manners.
- The city is expensive so plan your trip very well
- Its better to purchase some day pass for the local train to save some money - I would also recommend to carry your local packed food of your taste specially if you are a vegetarial - I do not consider it to be a shopping destination as every thing is very expensive

But a city one should surely visit because it has its own local touch.

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