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Cero el Plomo is the mountain located in the Andes near Santiago Chile. It is known to be the largest peak visible from Santiago. The most appropriate months to climb this mountain is between November and March but we can say that the best adequate time is in January and march due to its suitable climate which is more stable, and where the approach is snow free. It was a sight where the mummy was found of an approximately 9 year’s child and this mountain was uses as a ceremonial site in Santiago Chile. This mountain is easy to organize and easy to climb offering revoking tools and can be easily attainable however it is advisable to climb Cero El Plomo before 500 0metres. It is not only well known for its distinctive structure but also for its often in occurring storms. It is a beautiful mountain peak which is very helpful in giving great views over Santiago valleys.

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Charges: The entry fee for climbing, hiking and mountaineering to cero l plomo is dollar 134per person.

Address: Cerro el Plomo 5540; Las Condes Chile

Contact: +34 95 468 96 33"

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