Go hiking at spectacular Cerro Provincia Mountain

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Cerro provincial is a well-known mountain which is located on the eastern side of Santiago, Chile and the most amazing thing about this mountain is that it can be easily climbed due to its accessibility and with low level of difficulty. Cerro provincial has a small dome shaped shelter at the summit and there are many excellent camping sites available on the lower part of Cerro provincial. The mountain is hot, dry during summer days. There are several beauties of nature such as small shrubs, lizards, trees and birds. Another thing is that people who are not suitable to climb faster should allow for extra time to climb, they can take breaks for long time.

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People can visit there during September to April when there is plenty of snow.

Address: Cerro Provincia, Lo Barnechea, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile

How to reach: You need to take the CO2 bus right to the gate of the stadium from Escuela Militar and then take the first right once you’re through the gate (through another gate) and follow the dirt road round to the beginning."

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