Explore the past at Park La De Muralla

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In the 17th century, the heart of the Lima city was ringed by a city wall which was called as Muralla, which was deconstructed and broken down in the 18th century when the city expanded. The Parque de la Muralla is the place where you get to see the remains of the excavated ruins and there is a museum on site as well, which gives an overview of the city’s development and other objects present there. The park has a bronze statue of Francisco Pizarro, which was sculpted in the 20th century by an American sculptor Ramsey MacDonald. He made three sculpture of Pizarro, one which is in the Plaza Mayor, other one in Spain which was Pizarro’s hometown and third one in the US. This park is a famous attraction for the visitors to come and explore the past.

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Visiting Hours: 09:00 to 18:00 hours daily

Address: Jirón Amazonas, Lima 15001, Peru"

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