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If you are in Lima then you should definitely try the most famous dish of Peru, the Ceviche. You will stuff this amazing dish which is prepared by marinating raw fish with some hot chillies, peppers and onion in some lime juice. This dish is the star dish of the Peru’s culinary food, which is absolutely mouth-watering. The best place where you can find some mouth-smacking ceviche is on Avenida La Mar in Miraflores which is the best known place in Peru, which was ranked as the top cevicheria by the local guide Summum. Many of the city’s top cevicherias serve some of the most exquisite other seafood dishes which you might want to gulp in after some ceviche starters.

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The cevicherias also offer a bench-lined boulevard and a surrounding populated with lot of green trees. Start off your meal with a simple ceviche broth called as leche de tigre, further moving on to the ceviche sampler, which has a variety of five different kinds of shellfish and fishes. Try the Swordfish which is freshly caught on the Peruvian coast every day and prepared in a numerous ways. Ceviche is also taken out internationally by the La Mar franchises in Chile, Panama, Brazil and Mexico as well as in San Francisco and a new franchise in New York by the chef and TV star Gaston Acurio, who is Peru’s ambassador of food. Ceviche is internationally known and a must try for the foodies to eat. If you don’t like raw fish don’t worry you can get many other alternatives like other cooked seafood. One of the most recommended dishes to try."

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