I wish to travel to Amsterdam, Antwerpen, Brussels, Lille and Paris on my 11-15 days tour to Belgium, France and Netherlands in the month of May. I am travelling with my soul mate. I am interested in City Life, Cultural Visit, Monument, Mountains, Nature, Village Life and Wildlife. I am looking for economy hotel with US$ 50 per night. Can you also arrange a direct flight for me in economy class starting from Paris. I would like to cover my trip in a self driven car.

asked on 05 Mar 2016
deepika negi
Interest: Nature, Cultural Visit, Village Life, City Life, Monument, Wild Life, Mountains
Travel Expert
A travel plan for Paris, Lille, Brussels, Antwerp and Amsterdam is ready for you!

The cities chosen by you are among the best and the most visited cities of Europe and they are loaded with lots of exciting places to see that suits your interests as well. I will try my level best to create an interesting itinerary for you so that it leads to an amazing trip of yours.

Basic Travelling Details

(Source: Eerko)
Flight Schedule
There are many flight options available as per your trip, but I would suggest you to travel via Jet Airways. The total budget of your flights from Kochi to Paris and return flight from Amsterdam to Kochi will cost 45, 450 INR per person.
Flight 1
The flight from Kochi to Paris will have a flight change at AUH Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The flight no. 402 of Jet Airways will take off at 06:50 hours from Kochi and will land in Abu Dhabi at 08:50 hours. After waiting for two hours and five minutes you need to board flight no. 124 of the same airlines. The flight will take off at 10:55 hours from Abu Dhabi and will land in Paris at 17:00 hours.
Flight 2 
The return flight from Amsterdam to Kochi will have a flight change at AUH Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The flight no. 231 of Jet Airways will take off at 11:20 hours from Amsterdam and will land in Abu Dhabi at 23:55 hours. After waiting for six hours and twenty-five minutes you need to board flight no. 405 of the same airlines. The flight will take off at 06:20 hours from Abu Dhabi and will land in Kochi at 08:25 hours.

Time Difference

Kochi, India is 4 hours and 30 minutes ahead of Paris, Lille, Brussels, Antwerp and Amsterdam.


The currency of the of Paris, Lille, Brussels, Antwerp and Amsterdam is Euro.
1 Euro = 74.6164 INR
1 INR = 0.01337 Euro


Day 1

(Source: Loïc Lagarde)
Paris is a very beautiful city and offers loads of attractions and activities to enjoy.
There are various options for hotels in Paris, from budget to Luxury. If you are looking for a luxury hotel you can stay at Renaissance Paris Vendome Hotel, Pershing Hall. There are various other options also available in Paris, for the complete details you can visit here.
On the first day you can visit Musee Grevin, Arc De Triomphe, and Eiffel Tower and Sienne River Cruise.

Musee Grevin

(Source: Philippe_)
The Musee Grevin is famous for its more than 250 wax statues of past and present celebrities. It also accommodates a hall of mirrors and many other attractions. Don’t forget to have the pleasure of taking pictures with your favourite celebrities at Grévin.

Arc De Triomphe

(Source: Cha già José)
The Arc de Triomphe de lÉtoile is one of the most famous monuments and a must see in Paris. It is the symbol of patriotism as this triumphal arch is made in honour of, in particular, those who fought during the Napoleonic Wars. You will seriously fell in love this place for its beauty.

Eiffel Tower & Sienne River Cruise

(Source: meenaghd)
Eiffel Tower is one of the reasons that people visit Paris thus it should not be missed. You can even enjoy a dinner at the famous restaurant "Le 58 Tour Eiffel" which is situated on the 1st Floor of the Eiffel Tower and enjoy the three-course traditional French cuisine with wine at the restaurant. After the amazing dinner you can go for cruise on the river cruise to experience the illuminations of the famous Seine bridges sliding.
With this you can call it a day and head back to your hotel.

Day 2

The itinerary of the second day in Paris will include visits to Louvre, Sacred Heart Basilica of Montmartre (Sacre-Coeur), Saint Sulpice and Wine Tasting at Les Caves Augé.

The Louvre

(Source: Burkazoid)
The Louvre museum is one the largest museum in the world and also a historical monument. The museum features nearly 400, 000 exhibits of art and history and it is also the home of the famous painting Mona Lisa. The museum remains closed on Tuesday and it remains open from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm on Sunday, Monday, Thursday amp Saturday. The opening hours on Wednesday and Friday are 09:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Sacred Heart Basilica of Montmartre (Sacre-Coeur)

(Source: San Diego Shooter)
Sacre-Coeur is a Roman Catholic Church and minor basilica situated at the highest point in Paris on the hill of Montmartre which allows exciting views of Paris. The main attraction of this church is its crypts the organ and the famous mosaic of Christ in Majesty.

Saint Sulpice

(Source: Lawrence OP)
The Saint Sulpice is a huge Catholic Church that represents baroque style of architecture. The church is the second largest church in Paris and has gained popularity after its mention in the famous The Da Vinci Code.

Wine Tasting at Les Caves Augé

(Source: suvodeb)
The Les Caves Augé is a huge wine shop renowned for the best quality wine and champagnes in Paris. It really leaves everyone spellbound with the large number of bottles filled with high quality spirits. It also offers a chance to taste these wines and you can even meet local winemakers from different regions and experience history served with different wines.
After a nice dinner you can end your day and head back to your hotel for a nice sleep.

Day 3

The third day of your trip in Paris we will visit Marche Aux Puces De St-Ouen (market), Grand Palais, Notre Dame Cathedral, Jardin des Tuileries and Champs-Élysées.

Marche Aux Puces De St-Ouen (market)

(Source: www.Paris-Sharing.com)
Marché aux Puces de St-Ouen (Porte de Clignancourt) is one the most famous and biggest flea market in Paris. It is a large complex of 2, 500 to 3, 000 open stalls and shops in the northern part of the city. The market is famous for antiques, junk, vintage, new clothing and many more things. This market is very colourful because of a large number of different stalls and vendors.

Grand Palais

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The Grand Palais is a large historic site, exhibition hall and museum complex. The Grand Palais in Paris is the iconic monument where biggest exhibitions are showcased because of its vast spaces. There are many events hosted like famous FIAC, Paris Photo, catwalk shows during Fashion Week and many more.

Notre- Dame Cathedral

(Source: zahikel)
The Notre Dame Cathedral is the most famous Catholic church of Paris. The Cathedral is also the official chair of the archbishop of Paris. The Cathedral is well known for its majestic architecture that attracts millions of tourists from around the world.

Jardin des Tuileries

(Source: Carlos ZGZ)
Jardin des Tuileries is a historical public garden. This garden is designed is Italian style and it offers lush green environment with fresh air. The garden also has set of statues and antiques from the past. This place provides a very relaxing environment and a close to nature environment. The admission into the garden is free.


(Source: y.caradec)
Champs-Élysées is the best place to spend an evening. The street is one of the most expensive and the most famous streets in the world. It accommodates many cinemas, cafés, luxury specialty shops and the street is lined with the chestnut trees on both the sides.
You can enjoy the lights and liveliness of the street and dine at any of the restaurants in the street and then return to your hotel.
After this you can head back to your hotel by the evening to rest as the next day you need to head to Lille.


Day 4

(Source: Evilspoon7)
Hugging the French border with Belgium, Flemish-influenced Lille is a city often overlooked by tourists en route to Paris or Brussels. The city’s industrial past is strongly evident in its attractive city center, grand plazas and historic buildings. Fantastic museums, excellent public transport, a thriving cultural scene and close proximity to the battlefields of WWI, make Lille the ideal place to base yourself for a few days.
On the first day you can explore Historic Lille.
Wander the narrow cobbled streets of Lille’s charming old town famous as Vieux Lille and admire the old Flemish town houses, the 1652 Flemish-styled Vieille Bourse (textile exchange), and the Cathedral, with its modern, translucent façade and its Gothic interior.
Stop for a while to sample local cuisine in one of the old town’s restaurants or inviting cafes, or browse the boutiques along rue de la Grande Monnaie and rue Basse.
To tour Lille’s most important historic attractions without breaking a sweat take a sightseeing tour across town.
After this you can head back to your hotel for a nice sleep.

Day 5

(Source: gichristof)
Not all of France’s best museums reside within Paris as the world-renowned Musée des Beaux-Arts will attest. This fine arts museum is one of France’s best and includes a glorious collection of 15th- to 20th-century paintings by Manet, Van Dyck and Rubens.
Moving from old to new… take in the fantastic and downright wacky works by Miro and Picasso, et al at the Museum of Modern Art.
And have you ever seen fine art and sculpture displayed in a swimming pool before? Now’s your chance: The Art Deco La Piscine Musée d'art et d'industrie is a unique must-see.
 You can also enjoy free public transport and access to many of the city’s tourist and cultural sites (including the Fine Arts Museum of Lille) with the Lille City Pass.
With this you can call it a day and head back to your hotel for a nice sleep as the next day you need to head to Brussels.


Day 6

(Source: Jelle Druyts)
The capital city of Belgium, Brussels is perhaps the only city in the planet which can be blamed for having a split personality. It is the city, where you can find the Finish pitted against the French, vogue against history, entertainment against weariness, contradictions are the norm. This is a multicultural city of historic heirloom, great food, Victor Horta's sumptuous Art Nouveau interiors, hip café and surreal.
On the first day you can visit Grand-Place, La Mort Subite, Museum of the Belgian Brewers and Belgian Centre of Comic Strip Art.


(Source: diamond geezer)
Considered one of the most beautiful medieval squares in Europe, the ornate Grand Place is the center of Brussels, where many historic buildings dating from the 17th century are located.

La Mort Subite

(Source: Clarous Maximus)
Beer lovers start your Belgium beer experience near the Grand-Place at La Mort Subite with your first sampling at this popular pub, including its own home-brew concoction called Sudden Death.

Museum of the Belgian Brewers

(Source: actual size)
No beer lover should visit Brussels without a visit to this 17th-century museum, which shows an important and unique side of the city's history.

Belgian Centre of Comic Strip Art

(Source: Beth M527)
Smurfs and Tintin are just a few of the cartoon characters immortalized by Belgian cartoon artists, and kids of all ages can explore cartoon characters at the Belgian Centre of Comic Strip Art.
With this you can call it a day and head back to your hotel for a nice sleep.

Day 7

On the second day in Brussels, you can visit Wittamer, Horta Museum (Musee Horta), Mini-Europe, Les Galeries Saint Hubert and Mont des Arts.


(Source: Norio.NAKAYAMA)
Lining the Grand Sablon are some of Belgium's finest chocolatier boutique shops, including Wittamer Café. Do have brunch or ask for a free sample of Belgian chocolate.

Horta Museum (Musee Horta)

(Source: famousweirdonion)
This is not a museum in the traditional sense: the museum itself is actually the house that Victor Horta built for himself in the late 1890s, which truly exemplifies the Art Nouveau style that made Horta into one of the most acclaimed architects in Belgium.


(Source: Tilemahos Efthimiadis)
Mini-Europe is a miniature park located in Bruparck at the foot of the Atomium in Brussels, Belgium. Mini-Europe has reproductions of monuments in the European Union on show, at a scale of 1:25. Roughly 80 cities and 350 buildings are represented. Mini-Europe receives 350, 000 visitors per year and has a turnover of 4 million Euros.

Les Galeries Saint Hubert

(Source: alamez)
The Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert is a glazed shopping arcade in Brussels that preceded other famous 19th-century shopping arcades such as the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan and The Passage in St Petersburg. Like them it has twin regular façades with distant origins in Vasari's long narrow street-like courtyard of the Uffizi, Florence, with glazed arcaded shopfronts separated by pilasters and two upper floors, all in an Italianate Cinquecento style, under an arched glass-paned roof with a delicate cast-iron framework.

Mont des Arts

(Source: Arjan Almekinders)
The Kunstberg or Mont des Arts, meaning "hill/mount of the arts", is a historic site in the center of Brussels, Belgium. The Mont des Arts offers one of Brussels' finest views. From the elevated vantage point, the famous tower of the Brussels Town Hall in the Grand Place is clearly visible. On a sunny day, the Koekelberg Basilica and even the Atomium can be seen. Major tourist attractions are located within walking distance of the Kunstberg: The Musical Instrument Museum, the Royal Museums of Fine Arts, the Royal Palace, and the city's cathedral.
After exploring this you can head back to your hotel as in the next morning you need to head to Antwerp.


Day 8

(Source: RussBowling)
Lively Antwerp is a hidden gem. Its medieval streets, Renaissance monuments and vibrant nightlife tend to be overshadowed by its reputation as centre of the diamond trade and as the world's fifth-largest port.
On the first day you can visit Cathedral of our Lady, Old Market Square/City Hall, Antwerp Zoo, Rubershuis, Vlaeykensgang, St. Paul’s Church and Middelheim sculpture museum.
Cathedral of our Lady – standing 400 ft. tall and built in 1351, this Gothic cathedral is an easy-to-spot landmark on the Antwerp skyline.
Old Market Square/City Hall – beautiful architecture, this is the historic center of Antwerp, Belgium.
Antwerp Zoo – I personally do not attend zoos, but this is one of the oldest in the world with over 4, 000 animals and great architecture.
Rubershuis – the home of famous artist Peter Paul Rubens, it is now a museum.
Vlaeykensgang – “the hidden street” is accessible through medieval doors you’ll barely notice. It is an actual street with nice shops, pretty cool!
St. Paul’s Church – a really cool old church with a rich history you may be interested to learn.
Middelheim sculpture museum – south of the Centre, this place is full of interesting artwork and it’s a beautiful green space.

With this you can call it a day and head back to your hotel for a nice sleep.

Day 9

(Source: wwilliamm)
On the ninth day you can head to Antwerp South (Zuid) and visit Het Muntplein, Kloosterstrat, Zurenborg neighbourhood and De Singel.
Het Muntplein – a designated space where graffiti artists can paint. It’s really cool actually and I saw some great art.
Kloosterstrat – this is the main street that connects Antwerp Centre with Antwerp South. It’s a great shopping area.
Zurenborg neighbourhood – an eclectic area filled with really unique 19th century architecture.
De Singel – this is the cultural hub of Antwerp South with plenty of large concert venues and a lot of great bars and shops too.
With this you can call it a day and head back to your hotel for a nice sleep as the next morning you need to head to Amsterdam.


Day 10

(Source: sandeep thukral)
Amsterdam is the known as the Dutch Capital of Netherlands which makes it the most important city of Netherlands. The city is loaded with many attractions and even accommodates some beaches.
There are numerous options for hotels in Amsterdam varying from budget to luxury. Some of them are Bed and Breakfast Tulip Gallery, Bickersbed, Spiegelkwartier B&B and many more.
For more options visit here.
On the first day in Amsterdam you can visit Rijksmuseum, Heineken Experience, Oude Kerk, Vondel Park, Leidseplein and you can go for Canal Cruises. 

Rijksmuseum (National Museum)

(Source: drinksmachine)
The Rijksmuseum is the known as the World’s famous national museum as it houses a great collection of paintings from the Dutch Golden Age. The key highlight of this museum is Rembrandt's Night Watch on display. The museum’s ticket costs nearly 12.5€ per person.

Oude Kerk

(Source: Generaal Gibson)
The Oude Kerk is the Amsterdam’s oldest building and the oldest parish church. The church is famous for its huge vaulted ceiling which is regarded as the largest in the Western Europe. A ticket to this building costs nearly 5€ per person.

Heineken Experience

(Source: Phil Wiffen)
The Heineken Experience located in Amsterdam, is a historic brewery and corporate visitor centre for the internationally distributed Dutch pilsner, Heineken beer. It houses a very amusing interactive museum which you will surely enjoy. A ticket to the museum costs 16 to 18 Euros.

Vondel Park

(Source: fabbio)
Vondel Park is a very famous public park of Amsterdam where residents as well as the tourists spend hours relaxing near its beautiful pond. It has many play areas and an open air theatre that serves as a popular venue for concerts.

Canal Cruises

(Source: Bruce Tuten)
A trip to Amsterdam is worthless without experiencing the famous Canal Cruises in Amsterdam. It’s the best way to experience the beauty of Amsterdam in an exciting way. A canal tour may take nearly one hour and may cost 13 to 20 Euros per person.


(Source: ceronne)
Leidseplein is a busy square at the southern end of Amsterdam's central canal ring, almost facing the popular Vondelpark. There are many exciting things to do in this square as the fun and excitement take a whole new level in the evening and nights. The square and side streets are packed with restaurants and nightclubs where you can have a full taste of Amsterdam’s nightlife.
With this you can call it a day and head towards your hotel to rest and a nice sleep.

Day 11

The itinerary of the second day in Amsterdam should include Anne Frank House, Nieuwe Kerk, Van Gogh Museum, Begijnhof and Red Light District.

Anne Frank House

(Source: daryl_mitchell)
The Anne Frank House is a popular museum dedicated to Jewish wartime diarist Anne Frank, who hid from Nazi persecution with her family and four other people in hidden rooms at the rear of the building. The museum depicts the whole story of the two years of stay of Anne Frank and other people. A ticket to the museum costs 8 to 9 Euros per person.

Nieuwe Kerk

(Source: NunoCardoso)
The Nieuwe Kerk is a 15th century church of a very high order.  The Nieuwe Kerk is no longer used for church services but is used as an exhibition space. There is a café in one of the buildings attached to the church that has an entrance to the church. It also houses a museum store inside the entrance that sells postcards, books, and gifts related to the church and its exhibitions.

Van Gogh Museum

(Source: Salon NYC)
The Van Gogh Museum is known for its unique experience as it contains the largest collection of paintings by Vincent van Gogh in the world. The museum also houses an extensive offer of exhibitions on various subjects from 19th-century art history. An entry ticket to the museum costs 14 Euros per person.


(Source: Terretta)
The Begijnhof is an enclosed courtyard dating from the early 14th century. It is one of the oldest and houses a group of historic buildings, mostly private dwellings, and centre on it. Presently it is also the site of the English Reformed Church.

Red Light District

(Source: themikebot)
The Red Light District area offers the vibrant side of the Amsterdam. You can roam around in the lane like any other place. It’s the most famous attraction of the city and attracts many tourists from around the world.
Indian Restaurants in Amsterdam
1. Shiva at Reguliersdwarsstraat 72, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2. Motimahal Indian Restaurant at Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 34, Amsterdam, Netherlands
3. Memories of India at Reguliersdwarsstraat 88, Amsterdam, Netherlands
After visiting this you can return to your hotel for a nice sleep to refresh yourself for next day.

Day 12

The Twelfth day of your tour should include a day trip to Haarlem, a beautiful city near Amsterdam.


(Source: rob.brink)
Haarlem is known as the small Amsterdam and is a famous destination for day trips from Amsterdam. As per the train schedule you will reach 08:23 in the morning. You can leave your luggage at some hotel and take a stroll around this city.
The main attractions that can be covered in one day in Haarlem are as follows: Grote Markt, Hofjes, Teylers Museum, Frans Hals Museum and Het Dolhuys.

Grote Markt

(Source: *_*)
You can take a stroll around the Grote Markt which is the central market square of Haarlem. It has a number of stalls, restaurants, pubs, museums and many more. The key highlight of this square is the Gothic Sint-Bavokerk (St. Bavo Church) known for its quirky interior details and world-famous Christian Mueller organ.


(Source: BernhardFotoAlbum)
The hofjes are immaculately manicured courtyards that are the pride of Haarlem. There are many famous hofjes like Bakenesserkamer, Bruinings Hofje, In den Groenen Tuyn, Wijnbergshofje and many more.

Teylers Museum

(Source: F.d.W.)
The Teylers Museum is the first and oldest museum in the Netherlands. The museum is famous “treasure room for art and science" because of its eclectic permanent collection, from fossils and skeletons to Old Masters and much more. The museum remains open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 05:00 pm except Saturday & Sunday it opens from 12 noon and it remains closed on Monday.

Frans Hals Museum

(Source: bertknot)
The Frans Hals Museum is a museum dedicated to the works of famous painter named Frans Hals. In addition to paintings by Hals, the museum also houses works by his predecessors and his contemporaries. The museum has furniture, ceramics, glass and silver on display. The earliest showcased paintings date from the 16th century and they are primarily biblical depictions.

Het Dolhuys

(Source: takkejong)
Het Dolhuys is a national museum for psychiatry in Haarlem. The mission of this museum is to explore the definition, perception, and boundaries of madness in its provocative temporary exhibits. This place is one of its kind and I would suggest you to do give it a visit.
After covering these places, you can explore the city by yourself or you can even go for a biking tour of Haarlem and by the night return to Amsterdam as the next day you need to head to back to Kochi.

Day 13

This is the last day of your trip you need to head back to Kochi. Your return flight is scheduled in the morning so make sure you pack all your belongings carefully and reach airport three hours’ prior your flight timings.
The return flight from Amsterdam to Kochi will have a flight change at AUH Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The flight no. 231 of Jet Airways will take off at 11:20 hours from Amsterdam and will land in Abu Dhabi at 23:55 hours. After waiting for six hours and twenty-five minutes you need to board flight no. 405 of the same airlines. The flight will take off at 06:20 hours from Abu Dhabi and will land in Kochi at 08:25 hours. 
Have a wonderful trip!
Priya Singh

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