I wish to visit Botlhapatlou on my 11-15 days tour to Botswana in the month of July. I am travelling with my spouse. I am interested in Wildlife.

asked on 26 May 2015 India
Interest: Wild Life
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A travel plan for Botswana is ready for you!

Botswana is a world best wildlife country. It is a best travel place who loves wildlife. I will suggest you to go once in your life with your friends or family. Most of the places are protected and secured. This is nice to enjoy the wildlife days and the nature. The best memorable 20 days in my life I spent in Botswana jungle.

Basic Travelling Information

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Please make sure you have travel insurance.  As the rule is that, you should never travel overseas without travel insurance from a good insurer.
You will get flight available from Mexico as well as from South Africa, Zimbabwe to international airport Gaborone. Frequency of flight dispatching and arriving is also good. From Mexico it is a distance of 1 day and 5 – 6 hours. 
South Africa to Botswana
You can take a comfortable train between Cape Town and Johannesburg. Then there's a daily bus service is available between Jo'burg and Gaborone. It leaves Johannesburg at 14:30 and arrives in Gaborone at 21:10. And for opposite route the bus leaves Gaborone daily at 06:30, arrives in Johannesburg at 13:00.  
Zimbabwe to Botswana
An international train service between Zimbabwe and Botswana available from Francistown to Bulawayo twice a week. The train has standard class coaches with reclining seats. The fare between Bulawayo & Francistown is 30 Pula one-way (£3 or $5). The train is available from Francistown to Bulawayo on Tuesday & Saturday at 12:00 which arrives at 17:15. And for the opposite route the train service is available on Monday & Friday at 9:00 am which arrives at 14:25. The train uses standard classes complete with TV entertainments. 
Travel in Botswana
There internal domestic and regional flight service in Botswana is available. There are four domestic sectors (i.e. Gaborone – Maun, Gaborone – Kasane, Gaborone – Francistown, Maun – Kasane) and eight regional sectors are available (i.e. Gaborone – Capetown, Gaborone – Harare, Gaborone – Johannesburg, Gaborone – Lusaka, Maun – Johannesburg, Maun – Capetown, Kasane – Johannesburg, Francistown - Johannesburg). The Air Botswana will give you the flight service. It gives option to direct jump from Johannesburg to Maun. Maun is a point for most destinations in the Okavango Delta. Ticket Prices can vary greatly depending on the month you will fly, but there anybody not going to get much change from R3, 900 on returning from Johannesburg. Most operators will arrange for you to fly for Maun first and then transfer to your Delta camp by charter flight; You should include this part of your package. If you want to go Chobe National Park and surrounds, then fly to Kasane. Here you will be transferred by road for a 9min distance; Please keep it in your head that bringing onward international airline ticket is required on safari otherwise South Africa can refuse reentry into South Africa.

Time Difference

Gaborone, Botswana is 7 hours ahead of Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico


1 Mexican Peso equals = 0.65 Botswanan Pula

Day 1 – 3: Gaborone

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This is the capital of the Botswana. Many hotels with luxury facilities are available. If you start your journey by flight then first place will be Gaborone as here the international airport is available.

Mokolodi Nature Reserve

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You will not expect whatever you will get a chance to see here. You will enjoy your safari and will see different kinds of antelopes, monkeys, birds, etc. It is a very pleasant green park in the middle of this city. You may arrange a picnic with family. 

Gaborone Game Reserve

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You need stay a few months to full enjoy the places. I will suggest to full enjoy and not to dream for whole when you are here. You will miss the place when you are here and also after you left the place.


The best is Gaborone Sun in Gaborone located in the heart of the city, 20 min distance from Gaborone international airport.
It else there other places that you can stay are the Kgale View Lodge, Crocodile Pools, Indaba Lodge, Phokoje Bed and Breakfast, Travelodge, Batho Pele, Living Guesthouse, Walmont, Phakalane, Cresta President  and  Gae Self Catering. The rate of hotels, camp, restaurant depends on the luxury and the time you are travelling.

Day 4 – 6: Maun

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You will get flights and Bus routes available from Gaborone to Maun. Many hotels with luxury facilities are available here and also the camps like Crocodile Camp. The warm beauty of Thamakalane River, and the Sun rise/ set scene are really attractive. The flight will be available at 7:20 am, 12:00 am, and 1:00 pm from Gaborone to Maun. There are also many Bus services available between Maun and Gaborone. Currently, some Night passenger Bus and train services are available too. You will reach Maun at 5am next day if you start your journey at 7pm from Gaborone by Bus or Train.

Okavango Delta

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It is a nice place for the real bush. Very different activities are offered by the camp. A lot of wildlife is visible surrounds the Delta and like Water kudu. Around sceneries are beautiful, and a visit to the Delta is should be done.

Mosu Safari Tours

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You should stay at first at Moremi Xakanaxa, then at Moremi Khwai (North gate), then at Sawuti in Chobe then in Kasani for a lodge which is outside of Chobe.


The best hotels in Maun are Sanctuary Baines’ Camp, Cresta Riley's, Jump Street Chalets, Rivernest Boutique Cottages, Sanctuary Stanley's Camp, etc. The Sanctuary Baines’ Camp is residing within 1 mile of Wildlife Educational Park.

Day 7: Francistown

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This town is good for accommodation in good range whether it is in the town or around the town. This town is 492 km road distance from Maun and 433 km from Gaborone.  You will get bus service from Gaborone as well as Maun. But the thing is this; Buses will run after a full seat of passengers. The best time to start journey at 9 am from Gaborone or Maun. It else you will get flight service from Maun available.

Day 7 – 13: Kasane

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There is a 490 km distance from Francistown to Kasane. You will get many Hotels and camp here to stay. Domestic flight service is also available from Maun. It’s taking an hour to arrive as it dispatch from Maun at 9:30am and arrives at 10:30am in Kasane

Chobe National Park

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This is an amazing place to enjoy wildlife. One best game is viewing the evening river safari. Obviously you will enjoy the elephant swimming across to an island. It else hippos, impala, buffalo, waterbuck, giraffe, kudu, etc. will be visible here. You also can enjoy the crocodiles and eagles. You will get 15 commercial safari vehicles for every private 4WD. 

Savute Reserve

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You will have to stay here for two nights to watch how lions are enjoying their kill. The terrain will very different from the Okavango Delta and Moremi. The Savaute channel flowing, bring useful water to the area. 


The Old House, Mowana Lodge, Kwalape Safari Lodge, Bridgetown Resort, Kasane Self Catering, Chobe Safari Lodge, Thebe River Lodge, Water Lily Lodge, Chobe Marina Lodge, The Garden Lodge, Kubu Lodge and Chobe Chilwero are the best hotels in the Kasane

Day 14 – 15: Kalahari

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Kang is a key place of the Kalahari. There is an 1164 km distance between Kang and Kasane. I will suggest using flight only for this distance because your tour duration is only maximum 15 days.
Kalahari is across southern sections of Botswana beside the South Africa, and Namibia. It connects Johannesburg to Namibia by 1362km of road distance. There is also another tar road available from Johannesburg to Maun and the distance is more or less 1243km… this road will not be feasible for food, fuel as well as accommodation and also journey is not recommended at night because of the wildlife. So planning is required carefully.

Edo' s C&

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This place should not be missed. You will like to stay here longer than one day. You will gain a nice experience that you never achieved. You will feel that everyone in the lodge is your family member. And you are sitting beside the wildlife with all of them.


Kang Lodge, Kalahari Rest Lodge, Kang Ultra stop, Echo Lodge, Nkisi Guest house, Ghanzi are the best lodge in the Kalahari.
I hope the destinations mentioned, according to your interest will lead to a memorable trip. I wish you return with the most exciting experience and memories of your life.
Wishing you an amazing trip!
Ridhima Arora

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