I wish to travel to Berlin, Istanbul, London and Munich (Muenchen) on my 5-7 days tour to France, Germany, Turkey and United Kingdom in the month of May. I am travelling with my soul mate. I am interested in Adventure Sports, Beaches, City Life, Cultural Visit, Mountains, Nature and Wildlife.

asked on 20 Sep 2016
Ripan Dutta
Interest: Nature, Mountains, Adventure Sports, City Life, Beaches, Cultural Visit, Wild Life
Travel Expert
A travel plan for London, Berlin and Munich is ready for you!

London, Berlin, Istanbul and Munich are amongst the finest cities of Europe but I am afraid you won't the able to cover Istanbul due to shortage of time. I will try to cover the best among them and create a suitable itinerary for you so that it leads to a memorable trip of yours.


Day 4

(Source: CasualCapture)
London is the capital of the United Kingdom and delivers as one of the best holiday destinations in the world. I would suggest you at least spend more than two days to have enough of this beautiful city.
As you have asked for some economic hotels in London. I would suggest hotels like Journeys Kings Cross St. Pancras, Journeys London Bridge, Smart Camden Inn and many more. For more options you can visit here.
The itinerary of your first day would include Madame Tussauds,  Trafalgar Square and enjoying Enjoy Faulty Towers – The Dining Experience at Charing Cross Hotel in night.

Madame Tussauds

(Source: Axel Schwenke)
You must have heard of this amazing museum that features wax statues of the great personalities from around the world. Madame Tussauds accommodate more than 300 life size wax models of world’s famous celebrities from Hollywood, sports, Royalty, culture, music, politics, Bollywood and many more fields of life. The best part of this museum is that you get a chance to get clicked with your favorite personality be it Kate Winslet, Raphael Nadal, Barack Obama, Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan or Aishwarya Rai. The museum has 14 exciting interactive zones which include the famous wax models, chambers of horror amp scream, behind the scenes zone,  London ride and the incredible 4D superhero movie experience.
There are many Indian and Continental restaurants near Madame Tussauds like Cinnamon Spice, Mumtaz Restaurant, Indali Lounge and many more. The Continental Restaurants are The Riverside, Wild Honey, York amp Albany Restaurant.

Trafalgar Square

(Source: Alan Light)
Trafalgar Square is one of the famous public place and tourist attraction of London. The key highlights that should not be missed during your visit are Nelsons Column, numerous statues and sculptures in the square, with one plinth displaying changing pieces of contemporary art. The place also serves as a venue for cultural program, event or shows and who knows you also end up attending a great performance there. You can take a stroll around, shop at Convent Garden or have a meal at famous Chinatown nearby.

Kensington Palace Gardens

(Source: Lori.o)
Kensington Garden is the best way to spend a day away from rustling London. The gardens offer a serene environment with beautiful scenery. Kensington Palace Gardens house attractions like like Kensington Palace, the peaceful Italian Gardens, Peter Pan statue, the stunning Albert Memorial, the Serpentine Gallery, the Arch, Two Bears Fountain and many more. It also has two playgrounds and a café Broadwalk Café which is open daily, with refreshment kiosks in summer. The garden is open all the 7 days from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Hyde Park

(Source: gelle.dk)
The Hyde Park is one of the eight royal parks of London. This park has numerous famous landmarks including the Serpentine Lake, Speakers' Corner and the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain and many more. You can also try various activities for entertainment like swimming, boating, cycling, tennis and horse riding.

Faulty Towers – The Dining Experience at Charing Cross Hotel

(Source: Edmond Wells)
The Faulty Towers – The Dining Experience at Charing Cross Hotel will serve as a stress buster for everyone. It’s a laughing riot experience with great food at the Charing Cross Hotel in London.  Faulty Towers is basically an interactive theatrical comedy show, which is partially scripted, always fresh and interactive. The show timings are Tuesday - Saturday: 7:00 pm to 7:30 pm, Sunday: 6:00 pm to 6:30 pm and Saturday Matinées at 1:00 pm to 1:30 pm.
It’s time to get back to the hotel after dining and enjoying at Charing Cross to refresh yourself for the next exciting day of the trip.

Day 2

The second day of your London trip should include the popular attractions of London,  St. Paul’s Cathedral,  Tower of London and Tower Bridge.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

(Source: Loco Steve)
A visit to St. Paul’s Cathedral is a must in your itinerary of London. This cathedral has been the site of many historic state occasions, including Winston Churchill's funeral and the marriage of the Prince and Princess of Wales which makes it the most popular site of London. The interiors of the cathedral are decorated with spectacular sculptures and paintings, even the crypt also contains over 200 memorials amp numerous burials.
You can also dine at The Restaurant at St. Paul’s to enjoy delicacies like the famous afternoon tea, scones with clotted cream, a wide variety of cakes, sandwiches and English sparkling wine.

Tower of London

(Source: simononly)
The Tower of London is one of the oldest symbols that depicts the monarchy of London. The tower used to be be the famous Royal Mint, treasury, home of the Crown Jewels, armory and an infamous prison. You can take part in the Yeoman Warders’ tour that offers an experience of captivating tales depicting the past of the tower. You can relive the past with the re- enactments of the bright and the dark past of the tower.
You’ll find many Indian restaurants near Tower of London. You can dine at Shad Indian Restaurant, Mala Indian Restaurant, Café Spice Namasté and many more.

Tower Bridge

(Source: bobchin1941)
Tower Bridge is a suspension bridge in London, which crosses the River Thames. It is close to the Tower of London. This bridge is the iconic symbol of London. You must witness the beauty of this tower by the night and the Tower Bridge Museum, where you can witness exhibits that explains the workings and history of one of the most famous bridges in the world.
The best way to spend the night is to take a stroll around this Tower Bridge and experience its beauty by the night. There are many nice restaurants nearby like Le Pont De La Tourone, Cantina Del Ponte and many more then you can return to your hotel foe a nice sleep.

London Eye

(Source: P-andr)
The London Eye is the most popular tourist attraction of London. It is a giant observation wheel located in the Jubilee Gardens on the South Bank. The moving speed of the observation wheel is slow enough so that you can enjoy the panoramic views by the night. It offers the views of Buckingham Palace, St. Paul's Cathedral and the Houses of Parliament or as far as forty kilometers.
The London Eye’s opening hours are from 10:00 am to 8:30 pm and a ticket may cost around 24 GBP.
After this you can head back to your hotel in London for a nice sleep as the next morning you need to head to Berlin.


Day 3

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Berlin the capital of Germany and also one of the 16 states of Germany. The city is bursting full of buskers and street performers everywhere.
There are numerous hotel options in Berlin including Academy Hotel, Apartment in Kreuzberg / Friedrichshain and for more options you can visit here.
On the first day of your trip you can visit Die Hackeschen Hoefe,  Berlin Wall,  Potsdamer Platz and Kurfurstendamm (Kurfurstendam).

Die Hackeschen Hoefe

(Source: Maarten Brinkerink)
It is an old-town district, historically inhabited by Jews and French immigrants,  Die Hackeschen Höfe was completely renovated in 1993. Today it's a residential and commercial complex, consisting of eight hidden courtyards filled with shops, galleries and restaurants. It's a popular meeting place for party-goers, artists, and also tourists.
You can spend rest of the day at leisure and you can explore the city at your own. After this you can head back to your accommodation to rest 

Berlin Wall

(Source: carnagenyc)
The Berlin Wall (German: Berliner Mauer) was a barrier that existed from 1961 through 1989, constructed by the German Democratic Republic.

Potsdamer Platz

(Source: NicoTrinkhaus)
Potsdamer Platz or the Potsdam Square is an important public square and traffic intersection in the centre of Berlin. It is an ultramodern square that showcases the new and busy side of Berlin: Many famous architects, such as Renzo Piano, worked after the fall of the Berlin’s wall to build this fancy new area, complete with skyscrapers, modern offices, shops and cinemas.

Kurfurstendamm (Kurfurstendam)

(Source: Alf Igel)
The Kurfürstendamm, known locally as the Ku'damm, is one of the most famous avenues in Berlin. The street takes its name from the former Kurfürsten (prince-electors) of Brandenburg. This very broad, long boulevard can be considered the Champs-Élysées of Berlin — full of shops, houses, hotels and restaurants. In particular, many fashion designers have their shops there, as well as several car manufacturers' show rooms.
After this you can head back to your hotel to have a nice dinner and sleep.

Day 4

On the second day of your trip you can visit Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor) and Museum Island.

Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor)

(Source: james j8246)
The Brandenburg Gate (German: Brandenburger Tor) is an 18th-century neoclassical triumphal arch in Berlin, one of the best-known landmarks of Germany. It is built on the site of a former city gate that marked the start of the road from Berlin to the town of Brandenburg an der Havel.

Museum Island

(Source: Stadtlichtpunkte)
Museum Island (German: Museumsinsel) is the name of the northern half of an island in the Spree river in the central Mitte district of Berlin, Germany, the site of the old city of Cölln. It is so called for the complex of five internationally significant museums, all part of the Berlin State Museums that occupy the island's northern part.


Day 5

(Source: Nickay3111)
Munich is a beautiful place that is popular among beer lovers, history buffs and music fans however these days this unique capital city of German is being recognized as a great place to live as per Monocle magazine that ranked it as world’s most liveable city.
There are numerous options of Hotel in Munich including Seibel's Park Hotel, Pension Lugano and for more options you can visit here.
On the first day of your stay you can visit Marienplatz,  Bayerische Staatsoper Opera House, The Deutsches Museum and German Theatre Museum,


(Source: edwin.11)
Marienplatz is a prominent public square, the largest in Munich, still stands as the centre of social activity in the city, much as it has throughout history. The Neues Rathaus or New City Hall dominates the square. Its central clock tower features a splendid Glockenspiel with medieval knights hold a jousting tournament and the townspeople dance afterward holding the city's banner aloft.

Bayerische Staatsoper Opera House

(Source: Francisco Anzola)
The Bavarian State Opera is an opera company based in Munich, Germany. Its orchestra is the Bavarian State Orchestra. 
After this you can head back to your hotel to rest.

The Deutsches Museum

(Source: williamd)
The Deutsches Museum is one of the largest science and technology museums of the world. You can learn things using touch screens and hands on demonstration. Moreover you can also walk down to the aviation room in the same premises where you can look at the Messerschmitts and Fieseler flying bombs.

German Theatre Museum

(Source: chelmkamp)
The German Theatre Museum is as old as 100 years which houses all the memorabilia and gives you a total insight of the evolution of German theater to this day. (Address: Jägerhofstraße 1, 40479 Düsseldorf; Tele: 0211 899 6130; Open Hours: Tue - Sun: 1 pm – 8:30 pm; Entry Fee: adults: 3.00 €). 

Day 6

On the second day of your tour you can visit the BMW Museum, Mary’s Square, The Victual’s Market,  Cathedral of Our Dear Lady,  Nymphenburg Palace and Olympic Stadium.

BMW Museum

(Source: ASR Photos)
The BMW Museum is an automobile museum in Munich, Germany. Located near the Olympiapark, it deals with the history of the automobile manufacturer BMW. It is the car lovers' Mecca. But even if you do not fancy cars, make sure to check out the amazing exhibitions and architecture.

Mary’s Square

(Source: Storm Crypt)
The Mary’s Square is the Munich's largest square, influenced mainly by the Neo-Gothic style. Named after the golden statue of Mary in the middle.

The Victual’s Market

(Source: Air Force One)
The Viktualienmarkt is a daily food market and a square in the centre of Munich. It was developed from an original farmers' market to a popular market for gourmets. It has140 stalls and shops offer flowers, exotic fruit, game, poultry, spices, cheese, fish, juices and so on. Most stalls and shops are open during the official opening hours (Monday to Saturday 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.); but the Biergarten doesn't open until 9 a.m. Many stalls close at 6 p.m., before the standard closing time. There are special opening hours for flower shops, bakeries and restaurants.

Cathedral of Our Dear Lady

(Source: barnyz)
The Cathedral of Our Dear Lady is a 15th century majestic cathedral and seat of the Archbishop. Beautiful architectural gem and an absolute must-see.

Nymphenburg Palace

(Source: Hillarie)
The Nymphenburg Palace or the "Castle of the Nymph", is a Baroque palace in Munich, Bavaria, southern Germany. The palace is the main summer residence of the former rulers of Bavaria of the House of Wittelsbach and is a very impressive sight with vast gardens and marvellous interior.

Olympic Stadium

(Source: wodka_lemon)
The Olympia Park is the main site of the 1972 Summer Olympics. This architectural gem now hosts various sport games and open-air concerts.

Day 7

This is the last day of your trip you need to head back to Chandigarh. Make sure you pack all your belongings carefully and reach airport three hours’ prior your flight timings.
I hope the destinations mentioned, according to your interest will lead to a memorable trip. I wish you return with the most exciting experience and memories of your life. 
Have a wonderful trip!
Ridhima Arora

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